My Rescue Dog Rescued Me

My Rescue Dog Rescued Me

My best-selling book, “My Rescue Dog Rescued Me” has proved highly popular with dog lovers since it’s publication in the UK. It contains real-life, heart warming stories about humans and their adopted pets and each story explores their unique relationships where they actually ‘rescue’ each other in all sorts of incredible ways!

Here a few words about the book:
“This book has character and heart. It illustrates the power of human and animal relationships. It’s touching and informative, and helps us understand our canine companions even more. It is a must-read for dog lovers, but also for anyone whose life has been touched by an animal, and knows the comfort and joy they can bring.” Take a Break Magazine, UK.

“Sharon Ward Keeble has, in this great collection of stories, managed to capture the unconditional devotion that dogs continue give to us all despite an often harsh beginning in life. Whether it be a local rescue of one from a warn torn country, the undaunted loyalty and love remains the same.” – War Paws Iraq

“This book is a fantastic celebration of Rescue Dogs and the capacity they have to change lives. SSDUK have overseen the adoptions of hundreds of abandoned and neglected stray dogs from Spain and their capacity to bring joy and meaning to their new families never ceases to amaze us. Our dogs have ended up all over Europe, Scandanavia and even a few in the USA. We are proud that some of these dogs- thrown away like rubbish, have gone on to become registered therapy dogs , and many others have changed the lives of their new families in countless ways.
“This book serves to highlight the potential of these dogs, and drives home the message that you really should Adopt not Shop. Taking on a rescue dog really can change your life, often in ways you never would have thought possible ! If you are not convinced just read some of the heartwarming stories, and try not to cry ….’ – Spanish Stray Dogs UK

‘My Rescue Dog Rescued Me’ is a gorgeous book showing the incredible power of the relationship between human and dog and how it can change lives for those with four legs and two. An absolute must-read for anyone who’s known the incomparable love of a rescue dog, or would like to. Waggy tails all round for Sharon Ward Keeble’s charming, heart-warming book” – Yours magazine UK

“I would like to commend this book for sharing some wonderful stories of how rescuing a dog from a shelter, can not only transform the life of that dog, but also the lives of those who adopt them. Soi Dog Foundation rescues some of the worst cases of animal abuse, and seeing how these dogs learn to forgive and trust humans again is an example we can learn from. You can’t buy love but you can rescue it.” – Soi Dog Foundation

“My Rescue Dog Rescued Me by Sharon Ward Keeble is full of heart-warming tales of rags to riches Rovers who have become heroes to their humans. Meet Hercules the St Bernard who saved his owners from burglars on the very day he moved in and a terrier called Alfie who stuck up for a little girl when she was bullied.” – Real People magazine.

‘My Rescue Dog Rescued Me’ is published by Summersdale and costs £8.99 from Amazon and all good bookshops in the UK.

The book is being launched in the US on April 11th by Skyhorse Publishing.





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January 30, 2017

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